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Digital Business Models & New Technologies

The X-Way
Evaluation Matrix

How to identify use cases with business value for new technologies like AI

Our path to the solution


Are you also insecure about the business impact of AI projects?

And all colleagues around you are requesting "to do something with AI" - but you are hesitating because you feel it could become a case without measurable results


Are you also afraid to burn money and time  with the wrong use case?

And all the internal sessions to brainstrom possible AI use cases by collective "gut instinct" did not fully convince you because the value for the company is not clear?


Then, verify your use cases with a structured evaluation matrix

With experienced facilitators guiding you through the process, you can completely concentrate on the ideation, creation and evaluation of your use cases with relevance in your context.


You want to learn more about the evaluation matrix?

Get the full background and how you can combine all relevant evaluation items in one process leading to the "X-Way Evaluation Grid"


And meet your Facilitators here

Sascha Adam

Sascha Adam

  • Projektleader and Business & Team Architekt
  • 20+ Years Strategy, Marketing & Communication, Product-management, Business Field Creation 
  • Expertise: Leadership, Innovation competence, Platform thinking, Transformation & Development
  • a.o. Otto, Telekom, Axel Springer, Vaillant, Dataport
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Jan C. Rode

Dr. Jan C. Rode

  • Innovationstreiber & Facilitator
  • 15+ Years Projektmanagement in Emerging Tech, Startups, Unis, Public-Private und Dax30
  • Expertise: Comunication, "getting things done", certified as "Responsible Innovator"
  • a.o. VW, Vaillant, LagardèreFacilitator und Innovationstreiber
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