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Transformative Development of Your Company

A brave path to real sustainable, future-ready, successful companies 

The FoCus

At the heart of every company is the creation of (added) value

This principle remains constant - despite, or even because of the comprehensive transformation of our planet, societies, which is having a significant impact on our business and working world. 


But do you sometimes wonder if this value is clear and defined?

Your are definitely not alone. Our world is changing massively and we see exponential developments in many contexts - from societies and planet to business and technology. This requires to constantly check, concretise and focus on the direction.  

The FoCus

And do you sometimes feel overwhelmed how to deliver this value?

Often the challenge is to keep up with the speed of change and the need to maintain business while creating innovation and building new ventures and business models.  and so we have to constantly adapt our thinking, methods and tools to this new age. 


Then, choose our integrated approach to bring your Vision and mission to Life.  

Our believe is that we must solve the challenges of our time much faster. In order to do that we need new forms of collaboration and co-creation and the tighter interlinking of the spheres business, people and technology. 

With our network of independent experts we realize this new approach and therefore deliver hand-crafted and lasting solutions to move your business into the future.   

A-Volution combines this expertise, creates target visions and solution maps, provides the structure for collaboration and maintains the focus until the defined goals are achieved.


Digital Business & New Technologies

Developing companies successfully
  • Digitalize business units and products
  • Anticipating the new world of work
  • Understanding and effectively introducing new technologies

Conscious Leadership & Collaboration

Unlocking the full potential of people
  • Understanding fundamental change
  • Learning to lead from the future
  • Shaping the future together

Sustainable Business Transformation

Establishing sustainability as the core of the business model
  • Creating an understanding of the overall context
  • Determine priorities within the organization
  • Generating impact through communication
Der erste SChritt

Probably there are still questions open... 

Let us clarify your initial situation, goals and challenges in a personal meeting.

We look forward to working with you to create solutions and shape the future.


Sascha Adam, Founder A-Volution

  • Projektleader and Business & Team Architekt
  • 20+ Years Strategy, Marketing & Communication, Product-management, Business Field Creation 
  • Expertise: Leadership, Innovation competence, Platform thinking, Transformation & Development
  • a.o. Otto, Telekom, Axel Springer, Vaillant, Dataport
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